Trans Mountain Expansion Project 2015 – Ongoing

Trans Mountain Right of Way, BC and Alberta

Environmental impact assessment, project management, arborist services, financial impact assessment, land reclamation design and implementation

Geo-Technical Investigation

McTavish is responsible for all pre-drilling environmental assessments, development and implementation of mitigation strategies, and provision of access to all geo-drilling sites on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Work includes:

  • Environmental assessments before and after drilling activity
  • Hazard tree assessment and removal at all drilling sites
  • Access brushing at all drilling sites
  • Oversight, management and coordination of tree felling for helicopter and equipment access
  • Implementation of environmental mitigation measures
  • Reclamation of disturbed land and damaged landscapes
  • Monitoring and reporting


Agriculture to TMEP
  • Lead consultant on the development of the TMEP Agricultural Management Plan
  • Ongoing involvement with TMEP as the lead agricultural consultant on the project


Projected financial impact

McTavish is responsible for determination of the financial impact on farmers and homeowner landscapes for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Work includes:

  • Evaluation of the potential financial impact on farms producing a variety of commodities including blueberries, hay, corn silage, and nursery production
  • Valuation of impact of pipeline construction on affected landscapes
  • Valuation of trees on private land that may be impacted by the pipeline construction
  • Reporting


Hazard tree assessment and removal

McTavish is responsible for hazard tree assessment and removal on a number of Kinder Morgan sites. This includes:

  • Hazard tree assessments on trees that pose risk to pipeline activity and risk to residences on private land
  • Hazard tree assessments on trees posing risk to equipment and crew working on integrity dig sites
  • Oversight, coordination and management of hazard tree removals on integrity dig sites
  • Reporting