Matt McTavish, Protecting Habitat through Environmental Planning

During planning for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, numerous field studies took place to assess the environmental sensitivity of areas along the pipeline corridor. Teams from varied disciplines conducted extensive work to identify and assess any impact construction and operation of the Project could potentially have upon the land to develop mitigation measures to reduce these impacts.

These field studies informed the more than 35 environmental plans Trans Mountain developed in order to fulfill National Energy Board conditions, covering a wide range of environmental requirements, including comprehensive plans regarding urban forestry, vegetation management and reclamation.

We’re currently collecting baseline landscape inventory information, including landscape features within individual properties. This will ensure once construction is finished, properties will be restored to their original condition or a condition which has been agreed upon by Trans Mountain and the landowner.

Trans Mountain has also developed an ecosystem-based reclamation management plan that outlines measures that will be applicable to all lands that will be disturbed by construction.

To accommodate the installation and safe operation of the new pipeline and supporting facilities, the Project requires the clearing of land and the removal of trees located within the boundaries of our facilities, along the pipeline right-of-way and temporary working space.

We have developed specific measures to be implemented during clearing activities to ensure adjacent trees are protected. There will be professional oversight by qualified professionals to ensure this work is performed in a way that minimizes impact to adjacent trees.

Post-construction environmental monitoring is a key aspect of Trans Mountain’s environmental plans. The land will be monitored for a minimum of five years, including evaluating reclamation success, vegetation establishment, erosion control and weed growth.

Our goal is to protect the environment, have as little impact as possible and, where we do have an impact, ensure we return the land to an acceptable condition. For more information, please visit Trans Mountain’s Environmental Protection Plans and Mitigation Plans.

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